The 15th of each month is a favorite day for me. It is when Norwex announces the upcoming Monthly Customer Specials and Host Specials. The packaging of products is designed to work together in addition to coming to my customers at a great discount. Each month the packages relate to what is happening in that particular month from holiday gift giving, spring cleaning, skin care, and Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Also on the 15th, we get to see what our special Hosts can receive in the upcoming month. Hosting is a wonderful way to share Norwex with friends and family, and I specialize in home parties, spoiling your guests and sharing the wonderful world of Norwex with friends, neighbors, co-workers, family and just all around cool people that you know like to party and might enjoy the Norwex way of Life. I design the party style to meet my hosts’ wants; everything from a few people around your kitchen table to 10 plus guests in your living room!
Norwex customer specials for November 2015. HS November 2015 pdf-page-001


Norwex host specials for November 2015.