Fall is the season for leaves falling from trees and green cleaning with Norwex!We all tend to do a bit more cleaning during the fall season in preparation for the winter ahead. This is the perfect time to reevaluate your home care methods. Let’s ensure you are creating the safe haven you and your family deserve.

So what is the best choice to acquire the healthiest, fastest eco-friendly clean?

Is it:

  1. Anti bacterial and synthetic cleaning agents,
  2. Vinegar/baking soda/borax, or
  3. Microfiber and water

Anti-bacteria-anything is probably not the best choice. Many anti-bac products tend to go way overboard and kill pretty much everything germ-wise, good or bad. Also, many anti-bacterial and synthetic chemical cleaners contain harsh ingredients that irritate eyes, lungs and skin, and get into our bodies via digestion, absorption and inhalation. We also have known that vinegar, borax or baking soda make for a healthier choice than harsh chemicals, but fall short in achieving a thorough clean while leaving some residual germs and dirt behind. So that leaves us with #3! Microfiber and Water!!!!

 Microfiber is designed to be used wet or dry to pick up everything in its path, and leave nothing behind but a streak-free, totally clean surface. As with any product on the market, some of the microfibers you may have tried didn’t quite perform as expected. Inferior quality leads to inferior results. The Norwex Microfiber design makes it the best microfiber on the market! Its thread thinness and weave design can not be surpassed, along with its self-purification properties. Norwex is the leader in this field and is always on the cutting edge. Norwex microfiber is the most cost effective product for your home, as is demonstrated by its lab-tested, 10-year life span. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

This life-changing “Norwex Way of Life” not only includes the new science of microfiber, but also the fantastic power of enzymatic cleaners and many other products that allow us to reduce the use of plastics. Norwex offers over 100 eco-friendly products that can now be found in over 1 million homes worldwide. I invite you to contact me to discuss how you can achieve the comfort of knowing that you have created a safe haven for yourself and your family. I am just a phone call away!


Best wishes for a fabulous month of October!